Beat The Devil

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Be a hero in this FPS themed doom style shooter game. 
Rocketman demon monster and his army has captured super soldier Terzonator wife. So your mission is to collect different weapons, kill Rocketman army and end of different levels destroy Rocketman so can save and resque your Wife. So be hero and save your true love.
Game contains lot of weapons, every levels starts with pistol. Player can collect different weapons like Shotgun, Minigun with lot of ammos. Also more powerful weapons like Bazooka and Electric Plasmagun is hidden at levels. Also collect enough ammos. Levels also contains medkits which increase player health.
Levels contains lot of enemies like zombies who just follow, shotgun enemies, fire demons who shoots fireballs. Enemies with missiles and firethrowers. 
Also more powerful demon who shoots green energy balls and of course scary Rocketman demon monster who shoots rockets and fire
- 8 different themed levels- enemies: 
- Rocketman Demon monster. Boss who need to kill
- Zombie monster who shoots green energy balls
- robot shooter
- Fire demon who shoots fireball
- Zombies who shoot missiles and firecannons
- Enemies with shotgun
- Zombies (zombies will not die, they will spawn/arise again and again)

- Pistol
- Fist
- Shotgun
- Bazooka with rockets
- Plasma electric gun with batteries
- Minigun with lot of ammos
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