Breath of Ghosts 2

Скриншоты из игры

Breath of Ghosts is a first-person horror game made in realistic 3D graphics that immerses you in an atmosphere of horror and scares you in every way. The gameplay consists of collecting notes, clues and frightening photographs, solving riddles and escaping various entities or ghosts, as well as other mechanics inherent in any horror game. The main goal is to survive and be saved.
Brief background:
Our whole world is filled with one or another type of energy, even in a completely empty space, according to scientists, there will be a colossal amount of energy that so far humanity has not been able to use for its needs. And where there is energy, there are living beings. In this case, this energy has learned to absorb such a species as energy entities, or simply ghosts. They live everywhere, in our cities and villages. These mysterious creatures are barely visible to us and can almost always move through us painlessly, but what's more scary is that they can sometimes physically affect us, or even kill us!

So, the hero of this far from happy story was “lucky” to meet these unusual creatures and not only meet, but also feel in his own skin all that intangible, transparent blobs of pure energy can be!

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