Music Man

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Player are young man whose mission is collect all blue music notes at different levels. Then when all notes collected player can use Piano and open portal and finish levels. There are 2 big levels. Levels contain flying enemy with missiles to avoid. Player can find notes at different place at levels and some notes are hidden at boxes which can open by hitting them. Also player need collect coins. Coins can be used to unlock different jumping and moving platforms. Coins are hidden at levels and different barrels. So be the music hero and collect all notes. If you die or quit game you need start from starting point again


- 2 big open worlds which include lot of collectables - collect all music notes to finish level

- flying enemies with rockets

- Collect coins to unlock different platforms

- Jumping and moving platforms.

- Collect hearts to increase health

- Power collectables

- Treasure chest which include coins and can be opened with keys

- Barrels and boxes which contains coins and notes

- Piano and portal which can be used after all notes collected

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