Find a way out: Abode of darkness.

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In the secret lad there was developing a vaccine that could cure humanity from all deseases. But at the final stage a terrible thing has happened. Everything changed... The cure became a virus that could change itself. Soon, when this virus spread worldwide, humanity was on the brink of extinction.

Now the only way out is to find an antivirus to stop this nightmare.... Only hundreds survived... We're running out of time..

The main idea of the game is to find the antivirus and have possibility to evacuate to the secure environment. When the Apocalypse happened our hero lost consciousness and was unconscious for several days. When he woke up he realized that zombies are everywhere. His only goal is to find those who survived.

In addition to zombies you have to fight against mutants. Save your munitions, medkits, batteries, they are limited! According to the plot line you'll have to look for different items, they can be found in any room all over the location, stay sharp!

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