The Defaloon

Скриншоты из игры

 - this is a single-player game made in an abstract 2.5-day schedule. The essence of the gameplay is to clear the level of enemies with a large number of different weapons, such as magic or spells.

You woke up in the dungeon unconscious. There was nothing left of the memories. There are only hordes of undead around, who want to kill you and eat you with giblets. It wasn't there. With each level, you learn new magical abilities or items. For example, a staff or magic wands. Certain enemies need certain weapons for the best result. With each new level you upgrade your skills. To get to the next level, you need to kill all the enemies in the dungeon and find the portal.

Weapons and magic in the game spend mana, mana is restored over time, keep this in mind.
Upgrade your weapons before each level to improve your weapons.
Magic wands: They shoot fireballs and do not spend a lot of mana, it is good to use against flying heads. (Weak damage).
Drink: Restores your health units.
Staff: Shoots a shot of fireballs. Deals good damage. (Spends a lot of mana).

- many types of weapons
- cool soundtrack
- interesting mechanics
- mechanics of dungeon levels
- boss
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