Two Worlds II HD GOTY (TW2+PotFF)


>Two Worlds II - Pirates of the Flying Fortress< + Two Worlds II HD 

Взгляните на новый набор Velvet Edition, включающий в себя и Two Worlds II, и дополнение Pirates of the Flying Fortress.
“Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress is a worthy addon to the already brilliant original game. The weaknesses were all wiped out, and so we can look forward to a strong, about 14 hours extra long campaign for the main game Two Worlds II.” 90 – GamingXP “If you already have Two Worlds 2 and enjoyed it, it’s definitely worth picking up the expansion.” 86 – Gaming Trend “Lots of atmosphere and humor, lots of adventure. This add-on has everything: a nice, large and open world, partially absurd quests and interesting characters.” 85 – GameStar

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