In this section, the most popular questions regarding distributions and the answers to them will be similarly painted.

How often do giveaways take place and what do they give? - Giveaways to support us and our Mission Sponsors take place every week, predominantly on weekends. For them, you can get games with an activation key on your Steam account forever!

The game is already on the account, can I participate in the distribution of it? - Yes, you can. The only prohibition we have applies to several accounts (the so-called multi-accounting)!

In the task to add a game to the wishlist, I already have a game, can I not complete the task? - Unfortunately, our sponsors will be unhappy with the lack of completion of their task, so it is imperative to complete it, otherwise our goal of creating a distribution is lost. We are sorry that you will not be able to complete all the tasks and get the game, but in this case we can only recommend that you try to remove the problematic game from your account through Steam support.

The page takes a long time to load or is empty without distributions, what should I do? - Wait. There may be an influx of people.

When contacting support with other questions, you must specify your details: email, VK id, nickname. It is best to write in the BOS of our VK group

It takes a long time to check the task / The key is not issued for all completed tasks. - Wait. In case the waiting did not help, then we are not able to influence the system features. It is possible that you were automatically banned for multi-accounting. It is possible that an accident occurred, but we are not able to process all your applications.