Инструкция по покупке игр / Instruction for buying games, follow this steps :

1) Click the "Main page" tab;

2) Choose the desired in the list game;

3) Press the "Buy" button next to the game, wich you want to buy (basket have limit - 15 names of games in seem time)*;

4) In the appeared form, specify the number of games to buy and e-mail (and also the coupon, if available), after t select one of the payment methods.

5) Please, don't close window for payment before accepting your product. In the comment for payment use given note like "invoice[xxxxxx]". You must don't round off the paying amount of money, because all processes on site automated. (Support on the telegram - @S3riously)

6) Let's download and open file, you can activate every of bought keys for are games on the following link -

*If you want to buy a lot of diffirent games, let's sign up in your private account, use this on the following link - You can contact owner for cooperating, if it needs (PayPal / steam items as payment).

All question about bought product are open for a one month after process (discuss of quality e.t.c.). For getting discounts and for discussing rules on buying big number of a product(s) you can write me in personal messages. For cooperating, PR go to "contacts" form! If you buying more than 1000 products, contact us on the Telegram @S3rioUsly.
Other tips:
Let's talk some about crypto methods of payment. The most important thing you need to receive your accounts after bitcoin payment is transaction hash. It usually looks like 9ff60acccd77404b169fde30ba1156088b372a1d875a9ca811134318e28df0f0 - there are 64 symbols and it is used to confirm your payment. We do always give you an address to send BTC to. If you don't know what is your hash, you can always find it using Sometimes it takes a few hours to get 3 confirmation from bitcoin, so, please, be patient and try to repeat your search after some time.
"I want to pay with Paypal or other method. How can I do that?" - Just contact me and  I will  handly work via PayPal, if you have a good offer.

 When you click on a button "Купить", you accepting this instruction and rules from


Images of process: