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Эта надоедливая компания крылатых нарушителей спокойствия не дает ни минуты покоя. Остановите это враждебное нашествие буйствующих смутьянов в режиме Аркады, или сражайтесь со временем в Классическом режиме на трех уровнях сложности.

“Chicken Shoot means great fun for both hardcore and casual gamers and is definitely good value for money (I can't say that for all the games which come out in stores...).”

90 – XabreGamers

“The graphics feature beautifully painted backdrops and about 10.000 hysterical hand-drawn animations. There’s also fantastic barnyard music that stays with you long after you play and humorous squawking effects. ChickenShoot Demo was rated by Avault as Top Shareware of the year!”


“Brilliant visuals and tonal presentation, the variety of different objects, as well as the different game modes and many funny ideas make the game worth to give it a try.”

80 – PC Spielemagazin

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