Summer With You

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"Summer With You" is a Japanese-style visual novel. A gripping story with four endings,4 endings, 10+ CG, 5+ BG, original music, and animated sprites of the main characters will allow you to immerse yourself in a cruel world of deception and sincerity, betrayal and loyalty, happiness and despair.


For Kai, every day at school is a repetition of the previous one. Bullies beat him, taunt his childhood friend Yuka, his sister accuses him of not being manly - it happens over and over again. His only joy in life is hanging out at home with Yuka and her mother, Rin, who runs a village pharmacy. Only here can he truly have fun and hide from the harsh world and all the hardships that come his way. But when he looks at Yuka's cheerful face, the realization of his weakness, his inability to protect at least her, is manifested in his mind.

"I have to save her," Kai thinks. "But how? What can I do?" "I can't even find out who is bullying her!"

Will Kai be able to save Yuka? Or... will she have to do it herself?





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