RPG: Squad battle

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Story is placed fictional land where you control super hero team which include 3 hero characters with different skills. Player control 1 character at time and 2 other are npc characters. Controllable character can be changed during game. 3 Super heroes are: Anita Archery with archery skills, Sam Swordman with sword and some magic skills and Mark Magician with magical skills. Your mission is to visit 5 different lands with different themes like fire theme, snow theme etc. Every level there is mystery shopper who gives you side mission like collecting stones and killing enemy warriors. Every level contain also evil, dangerous and hard bosses which need to destroy. Bosses are: Ninja, Ice Wolf, Lava Rock, Sorcerer and big warrior. Bosses have also different super skills.During game player get level ups which gives better health etc. Also levels contain health statue which heal hole unit. Also basic skills can be trained at Training map. So be the hero leader and control your unit against evil enemies and beat them!!!!


- Training map- 3 Controllable characters at team which can be changed during game.

- Every character have different skills, like sword skills, archery skills and magic skilss

- Collect stuff like potion and healing

- 5 different maps with different enviroments

- Every level missions like collecting objects

- 5 different bosses: Ninja,Ice Wolf, Lava Rock, Sorcerer and big warrior

- Normal Warrior enemies

- Magic chest with items

- Steam achievements

- You can fight and use fighting mechanics only when you are at battle area

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